Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December's fun and busy times

Well here's the rest of our year; in December every weekend was booked with something, again! Our weeks fly by with different church activities and just hanging out as a family for the little bit of time we get on week nights. We tried to do something special on Sundays with Advent.

 We would light the candle and read some scripture. Then we would do a family activity like watching a nativity movie or craft. We had their combined birthday party on Dec 15. It was also Isabella's first ballet recital! I went to Pittsburgh without Jacob and just took the girls for a week to see my parents and help them out a little. My dad was having some surgery the week before Christmas. It was nice to be "home" and help while I could. The girls' always love time with Mimi and PopPop too! Christmas day was nice. Quiet morning, actually we woke up first and just stared at each other for a few minutes! I was antsy to get them up, but I learned my lesson from last year and let them just wake up happily on their own. We purposely did not get them very many things, the things we got were mostly educational type things that we can use at school time. I figure everyone else will get them toys! Jacob made his grandma's famous sweet rolls and egg casserole. Yum! That is becoming our new tradition for us now. The girls played with their new things for the late morning and early afternoon. We went to Jacob's sister's house to see some family and have dinner together. Dinner was great, all the little cousins played together nicely and we had fun opening more gifts. So all in all- a nice day. Then reality hit, and poor Jacob had to go to work the next day. We had a little snow storm as well. Since he is one of the managers, he had to stay all day. Thankfully, he returned home to us safe and sound. The girls and I shoveled the snow in the drive way to make it a little easier for him. This was Olivia's first big snowfall. I got them both all bundled up and they looked like cute little Eskimos! Then we finally get out there and she just stands in the garage, unsure of the whole outdoor thing! We got a second batch of snow that Saturday. I was very thankful for my husband taking the girls out in the snow. He pulled Bella around on the sled in the back yard.

The girls waiting for the breakfast in their matching pjs!
One of Bella's favorite gifts: princess lip glosses

New Year's was fun just hanging out with my sister and brother in law. I'm ready for a new year. 2012 was a pretty good year, but there is always something special about starting something new. New possibilities, a chance to try and change a few things. I started a few days early on this. I am waking up earlier now to have some devotional, quiet time with God. Preferably before the girls wake up, but sometimes they still beat me to it! I have organized different things around the house and checked quite a few things that have been on my list for a while finally off! I made up a new routine and chore list for Isabella. So far she likes it. She's one of "those" kinds of kids that gets a kick out of checking things off a list and knowing her boundaries.. (like mother, like daughter) I'm hoping for a little more organized household this year. I want to stick with my Bible reading plan and get some good head way made in our school time with Isabella.

Head band holder: made from a oatmeal can, scrapbook paper and mod podge!
Isabella's new routine and chore chart: laminated and ready for some checking off!;)
Some organizing the free and cheap way: I made a little clothes line to hang up the mittens and hats to try and keep a little clutter down.

Fresh beat band party

Here's some pictures from the girls' Fresh Beat Band party. Olivia was turning 2 and Isabella was turning 4. They both LOVE the Fresh Beats! I think we watch at least one episode a day. We just have season 2 on DVD, but that seems to keep them happy, even though they watch the same ones over and over again.

My poor attempt at making "microphone" cupcake cones. I read about the tip about baking the cone in the batter after I already had cooked cupcakes!

Good colorful utensils and plates, from Walmart

We had a little candy bar for friends to pick some and take home..

Bella was "Kiki"

Livi was "Marena", well I pinned the little badges across the top and then she threw a fit, so we improvised and she wore a different blue dress with just a purple ribbon belt...

Cute printables from Nick. Jr site-

Hip, Hop and Pop!- We're ready to party!;)

I made these little tissue paper pom poms, the blue one turned out much better than the yellows...I found a great little tutorial video on You-tube on making these...

Found on clearance at Walmart! Noise makers, that ironically don't make noise, just blow out! They say "Rock on"

An early birthday present- FBB 2.0 cd

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Whoops! Let's catch up!

Well I love how disappointed I was in myself when I was "only" blogging once a month. Now that the rest of the summer and all of fall has past, I'm feeling back in the mood to blog about our little life again. I get like this at the end of every year. Try to catch up on all my projects I let fall to the wayside! So here we go..

Ok so let's catch up first:
August went by, We found out that we are expecting our 3rd!! Hmm... maybe that's why I stopped blogging?! I was nauseous on and off for Aug, Sept, and a little of Oct. In the beginning of Sept. we went to a quiet beach in North Carolina with my whole family. We rented a house together. It was so much fun. The best part was telling my parents that not only were we expecting, but my little sister is too! She is only two weeks ahead of me.

November: Our Livi bear turned 2! We had a small celebration for her on her actual birthday. We are having a combined party in a few weeks for both the girls. Jacob's sister got married. So we had 2 weekends of wedding festivities. Then Thanksgiving at my parents with my sisters ( and spouses)  and brother. We had found out a few days before that baby #3 is going to be a girl. I was really thinking boy this time with how yucky I felt first trimester. Oh well, We are happy just the same:) A couple days after Thanksgiving was my 31st birthday. It's always nice to celebrate with family around.

Livi with her new umbrella. Poor thing, fell last week and got a big scab on her nose- hence the little band aid!
Happy Turkey Day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July's Round up

I don't know how this blog has become a monthly thing- but I am trying to change that! I guess it's good that we're busy doing fun stuff! I can always go back and write and scrapbook, but I will never have those moments with my little ones to do over again. Oh boy! We're in for some trouble!! Livi is only 20 months, and is quite the girly girl!:) I love it!- She loves tutu's, phones, purses and shoes!!

 Jacob and I are "training" for a 5K. I found an app on the iphone called "couch to 5K" So now, we're on the 5th week out of 8 weeks.The program is only 3 days a week. It's going pretty well. I'm still sticking with it and my legs are still intact! That's good!;) I have never been a runner or really aspired to be one. But it's kind of a nice feeling once you go a little bit. Now it's nice to have a goal and to be able to do it together. I got my run in this morning.  I got the Disney Cinderella for Bella at the library. She's never seen it- and she loved it. So that was my "inspiring motivation" to run today! Usually I listen to music. I need some upbeat music so I was listening to more pop/ top 40 stuff, but if you ever really listen to some of those words to the songs it's pretty appalling! So then I moved on to contemporary Christian, but I'm finding that is hard to find upbeat tempo music. TobyMac seems to be a good start. (That's my Pandora radio station) Any other suggestions??

We had a great morning today. I think getting up and getting my run in helps me to get more done. Better than lounging around in my pajamas! Slowly we're getting better about doing school on a more regular basis. It helps when we don't have an activity every morning! Today we did some review on the chalk boards. Livi even got in on the action today with finger painting with us and drawing with chalk while Isabella practiced her writing. 'S' seems to be a little tricky for her, so we made a bunch of them to trace and I think she's getting it. Now she'll be able to write her whole name by herself. She's starting to do it more and more on her own- even know what letter comes after- which I think is pretty good when your name is Isabella! I'm seeing so many great ideas on Pinterest that I'm trying to get together and use. I'm thinking of starting with these "busy bags". I want to bring them on our long beach trip coming up in a few weeks.
 Fantastic Busy Bag Ideas Round-Up

Isabella wrote her name & practiced some shapes. Olivia's creation on the right:)

Hmm.. what else have we been up to? Oh! The Olympics have been our nightly activity for Jacob and I to watch. Now that my favorite- swimming- is over, it's not as good for me. Still it's so inspiring, as well making me want to go to London ( and Paris!) even more!  I've been reading Emily Giffin's new book, Where we belong. It's about a girl who turn 18 and sets out on a discovery about who she really is. She is adopted and goes out to find her birth parents. Something Blue, Something Borrowed and Baby proof were especially good. Those were the first ones I read a while ago and now I'm a devoted fan.:) I devoured this book in about 3 days. It always surprises Jacob to see me read a book so fast. Honestly, it surprises me a little too;) I love when I can just get so into a book. I have 2 more waiting for me by a new author I really like, Sarah Strohmeyer. This one, Kindred Spirits is the new one I started.
Where We BelongKindred Spirits

We have about a million apples this year on our tree, so I about to make a large batch of crock pot apple sauce! I tried last week to make some in a pot on the stove. BAD idea! I burnt it worse than I burnt anything ever before! It took about 3 days to scrape the bottom of that poor pot! Little cooking tip for all those aspiring chefs- "simmer" does NOT mean, leave at high for 30 min!! Yikes!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dining room border reveal

Before- When I initially looked at this house, I knew this border had to go! It only took 2 years!

Yay! We finally got the border put up in the dining room. We had to take a 2 month break in between of the paint/ new floors in the living room. I thought about painting the dining room the same color as the living room. The more I thought about it, it seemed like it would be too dark. The new border looks great with the tan paint. Here's the nitty gritty on how to hang border over old ugly border. I have watched my mom put up many different wallpapers in our houses through the years, but I never did it myself. I knew there was getting it wet and laying it over each other and smoothing it out. Well that wasn't enough of directions for my husband! So to Google we went- (where we find out how to do everything!~ from buying a house to knowing remedies for a screaming gassy baby!)
When applying paper on paper, you don't need water at all! We bought a vinyl adhesive with a roller attached and rolled it on the back then book it. Then stick it on the wall carefully and use a smoother tool to get out the bumps. Of course, we were getting good by the last roll and Jacob thought to paint some extra glue to the top and bottoms on the wall to make sure none of it peeled up. All in all, it took only an hr to do our (small) dining room and I'm quite pleased with the results!
Rolling the glue on
Smoothing it out
Jacob got smart and put some extra glue on the bottoms

  I love how all our projects, it looks like Jacob is doing the whole thing himself! I assure you, I did help! Jacob as usual did a lot of it though...   Hmmm... Now what can the next project be?!

After! Now it goes with our French Cafe theme

I had this canvas picture already, the print on the border is almost an exact match! This is in our living room to try to pull the two themes together..

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day by Day...

Whoa! Where did June go?! Apparently, I've been busy- So I thought I would take a little time for myself (as this is a little online journal time for me too..) and catch up.
These summer days just seem to flow right into each other. I can't even think what I have done! I try to keep most mornings busy with fun little outtings, to the library, playgroup, even errands like the grocery store- that's quite an event! I've been trying to get better at couponing. I have to say, it's kind of addictive! "Hmm.. How many boxes of cereal can I get for $1.50?!" It goes hand and in hand with the thriftiness gene inherited from my mom. I do love a good garage sale! I love to see something that I bought used but still sells in the store new and I can compare how much I saved. I know- what a dork!;) We have been enjoying many lovely days out and about. I'm trying to enjoy the outdoors a little more than I usually do. I guess having 2 little ones will do that to you! I still have been doing some school work with Isabella a few mornings a week, but some mornings just fly by! I figure that if I do 2-3 days a week year round, it works out like 5 days a week during the "school year" and taking the whole summer off! Plus, I feel that it keeps up the routine and she retains what we have talked about better. I have all these great ideas, but alas they are all on my Pinterest board!
( like so many of my "want to do's someday...") and I have not gotten bit by the motivational bug to do some of these quite yet.

Last week, I had the brillant idea of taking the girls on a trip to my Aunt's cottage without  Jacob! What was I thinking?! Here's what I was thinking; "It would be fun and I usually take care of them every week day while Jacob is at work, how hard can a few extra hrs be?!" Well, let me tell you- VERY hard! I was thankful for my Mom, Dad and Aunts that helped when they could; but it's just not the same as their Daddy or Mommy! By the week's end, I was TIRED! I went with my parents, which was lovely to not drive the 6 hours there, but I did have to drive myself to their house which is 3 hrs. We started off the trip great. Everyday I would miss Jacob a little more (and our own home to run, play, stretch- whatever in!) The girls did have fun. I had fun re-living all the things we used to do growing up around that area. Going to the carousel at the park, jumping in the lake, sitting around a bon- fire with smores... So, in short- the trip was nice, but made me realize how much Jacob really does for us and I am so thankful for a great husband and Dad to our girls. That, and if/ when we go back- it will be a family affair!;)

The last few days have me wondering how it's going be with 2 little girls growing up and all the mood swings that entail. They are only 1 and 3, and man, it was a little trying at times (3 to be exact!) today with Isabella's fits. The disobeying and disrespect doesn't fly in the Delgado household! So, you can guess there was a lot of screaming (on both ends- something I need to work on!) and crying
(only one sided, but sometimes I felt like joining in!) Then there is little Livi, who at the mention of dessert after lunch or dinner, promptly stops eating her meal and wants the next thing- (which she doesn't get). She is also very clingy to me lately. Sometimes even when we are home alone, she will still grab both my legs and I have to walk with a cute 25 lb weight attached. She cries when Jacob has to put her to bed, which breaks both of our hearts.

I keep telling myself that "It's just a phase." They really do change so quickly,- as soon as you think you have something figured out, they are on to the next thing. The worst is when you are out in public, and you think to yourself ( or even worse- say out loud) Oh, they would never  do that!.." and sure enough- they do!!  I guess that part as taught me to not be too proud or haughty. I am coming to a better understanding of other moms, but I still have to confess- this is definitely one of my weakest points still..

This online Bible study that I have been doing on Prov. 31 woman has been inspiring to listen to on the Youtube channel ( GoodMorningGirls.org) as well as read/ study daily. It is making me more conscious of the blessings that it is to be a mother, wife and homemaker. All three of these things I have always wanted to be. I never had aspirations to be climbing some corporate ladder. I am happy to be at home. I find it kind of sad that the woman's liberation movement seemed to kick homemaking/ child raising to the side like it was an after thought; like it was less of a job than going out to work. In these videos, she ( Courtney of GoodMorningGirls) goes through Prov. 31 verse by verse. There is a lot of good application that she brings out of the text. Like how we as mothers/ wives can "shop to the glory of God" by preparing clothes for our family's next seasonal need, or by waking early to prepare for the day or by dressing modestly and keeping your family in a respectable light to honor your husband. She is also so pretty and perky while saying all this! I am half admiring of her and half wondering how she can look that good and happy all the time!;) While working on this study, I have been trying, (although sometimes I'm thinking it more than acting it out) to think about my actions/words and therefore my family's actions and if/how they are glorifying to God. It is hard to change yourself! That is why we need Jesus' power to constantly mold us into the ones He has destined us to be.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to make your own fabric organizer

Looking through Pinterest and then looking at the continuous mess on my "learning table" -- the table where we do home school, was making me very frustrated. If you were to look through my boards (on Pinterest) you would see that I have about a million organizing ideas, then a big ol' mess on the table! So I finally decided enough was enough and got my creative juices flowing. I fell in love with this fabric ( and prints like this..) at Jo-Ann Fabric. Now, just have to find a project!! I made up  again- never perfect or exact, but does the job! a fabric pocket organizer to hang on the side of our pantry closet.     
I had this long piece of cardboard from a backing of a poster print. I thought it would be perfect to add a little sturdiness to the back- for free! So, I laid it out and cut out some muslin fabric to go around it.

Then I laid out my coordinating fabric for the pockets. The measurements were a little bigger than a piece of paper sideways... Don't forget to leave a little extra for seam allowances too...

All sewed on all around, on each rectangle...

Fold over and sew along the side. If you don't have or want the cardboard, you could sew the bottown too. Then flip right side out and sew the top.

Slip through the cardboard. Fold over the top, I actually taped it!

Here it is all done!! Hanging on the side of a cabinet in our kitchen.
I have to confess, I have that hanging with 3M Command hooks, and after putting a lot of papers/ laminated papers for school, it fell down! So now I need to think up a better way to hang it up. I'm think something with hanging it with ribbon. It's still a good, easy idea for organizing quickly and easily. This project is not hard to sew..Just need a good hour or two to complete it. This project would work out for small books in a child's room or make the dimensions a little smaller or just do 2 pockets for a car organizer, adding a elastic to go around the head rest.